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Lee Benson

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Lee`s Ramblings

Happy 2012 to you all
Edition 207

Well hello everyone and although a little late, a very happy 2012 to you all.

The gallery has been somewhat busy over the last few months and with the onset of Twitter and Facebook, it would appear that I have forgotten to add a ramblings.

Well where do I start , well how last December 8th 2012, yours truly was on the ITV "May The Best House Win" and won, considering I live in an apartment, that`s not too bad, and you could see my taste in Art, needless to say that I know a great gallery , then thanks to you who voted, we won the 2012 BOBS award for Best Arts and Entertainment Venue 2012 supported by the Birmingham Post, so that`s not too bad after 12 years.

Sadly we said farewell to Eileen Hemsoll, a lovely lady, a great artist and I shall miss popping round for cups of tea and advise; also Don Clarke, a Brummie through and through, and although the gallery had not sold any of his works for a number of years, we always said hello over the phone, so party on my dears and keep an eye on us lot down here.

Alas though, after six years of putting up with me, Claire has moved on to new pastures, on the high seas no less and we wish her much success and a massive thank you for her support and hard work, and the odd "clairevoyant" advice. You know you will be missed by lots of people, friends, artists and clients.

So now in 2012 we shall open up with Ted Hiscock sixty five and a half exhibition which looks like from the response, to be most popular, followed by two great etchers and printmakers Tim Southall and Graham Cooke, and then I have offered the gallery for a special 3 day event working with Shoulder to Shoulder and the Royal Marines in May, We will celebrate with Janet Groves her shush birthday (70) don`t tell anyone in July.

So that`s all for me at present and come and say hello



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